About Us

This blog was created by two guys, Bob and  Jim, who met in graduate school at The Ohio State University where they were both studying economics back in the 1970s. We share a love of baseball (although not the same teams: Bob roots for the Indians, Jim for the Yankees), believe that economics is an essential antidote to sloppy thinking, and are working on a project, The Turing Doppelganger, that we think will help people make  better decisions and use the Internet more effectively.

We intend to comment periodically on the subjects in our blog’s title – which, because baseball provides insights into all aspects of existence, economics is an imperialistic discipline, and no one knows exactly what the limits are for a good doppelganger, spans a pretty wide terrain. Our intention is to keep things fairly light, eschew ad hominem attacks, and avoid rancor while inviting spirited discussions of these topics.


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