Warming to the Subject

When Barack Obama clinched his party’s presidential nomination he declared, “… this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal…” I believe only two other leaders have tried to command the oceans: King Canute, who failed, and Moses who succeeded briefly but only with considerable Divine assistance. Canute took his failure philosophically as a lesson in humility and the limits of a sovereign’s power.  Moses was simply glad to be rid of the pursuing Egyptian army and there is no record of his making a second attempt. So the historical record stands today at just one case of successful  command-and-control ocean management event.

President Obama ranks his odds better than Canute’s because he believes that man’s actions cause the oceans to rise and that which man creates, man can undo. Neither belief is held by all or even most of his subjects. More troubling, the number of Deniers began rising when word came from the East in Anglia and Happy Valley of false prophets who had corrupted and lost the scrolls on which the waters were recorded and who sought to ban apostates from publishing their heresies, receiving grants from the treasury, and even entering the temples of learning. Some of the apostates are men of great learning about the heavens and earth who dispute both the Apostles of Warming data and their prophecies. With the revelations from East Anglia and Happy Valley these men have been emboldened to come forth from the wilderness to challenge the Great Gorical and to speak of medieval warm periods, little ice ages, inconsistent tree rings, Milankovitch cycles, sunspots, and other arcane things. The people are confused and their faith is shaken.

The president is not confused. His faith is strong, and he means to lead the people to the promised land of lower CO2, lower temperatures, and lower oceans. He knows it will take more than forty years and we must begin soon. He has ventured to Copenhagen, home to fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen, whose Little Mermaid swims in the cold waters of the harbor, to tell those who counsel patience and honest study ”The time for talk is over.”  The president is a very powerful man but he can neither command the oceans nor silence the people who are just warming to the subject.

Posted By Bob


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