Fall rituals: a shot in the arm

Since I moved into the “vulnerable” (i.e. geezer) caste for the flu, the annual flu-shot day in the doctors’ building has become an autumn ritual. This year we have been bombarded with stories and warnings about the swine flu (H1N1) and the need to be protected. But, when I called my doctor’s office to ask the date for shots I learned that they didn’t have any H1N1 vaccine and weren’t sure when they would. Then I read an article about how the vaccine won’t be ready in time to do much good. It is not clear why but the vaccine makers are getting the blame and maybe they deserve it but the national vaccine program is a government program and one would think that the CDC people would plan for contingencies like this, especially after they did their best to whip up demand. Hmmm, if they can’t get a big national program for a highly predicted flu season right, a program which seems like something the government might have an advantage in doing, why are we about to give them control over even more of the health sector? Just curious.

P.S. I have noticed that the Purell people somehow managed to get their product out and near every entrance to a store, grocery, or rest room. I admire their zeal but wonder if, with all this chemical cleansing, we are breeding a super-bug that will catch the CDC off-balance

posted by Bob


One comment on “Fall rituals: a shot in the arm

  1. Karen says:

    I was thinking the same issue about Purell being all over the place. As a parent, I was advised not to buy antibacterial soap for my children because it would breed super bugs. It makes me wonder if the antibacterial soap decision is more liability than health based. The potential long term consequences seem worse than the immediate cure.

    As far as the CDC predicting availability of vaccines, it must be a really hard thing to predict by both parties. I’m sure there is plenty of miscommunication by both parties. This seems a ripe place for information loop dependency death traps, where one can’t give the other information without starting information that the other can’t give until it has the information the first can’t give without information from the second. Information guessing spiral of uncomfortably hot place.

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